by Greg Melita


Sport Jiu-Jitsu Rules: Where do we go from here?

My Discussions With A Famous Judo Player

This topic came up during a training session with fellow BJJ practitioners and Judo players.

It is merely a post about how the conversation went, and we are looking for the opinions of the BJJ, Judo, MMA, and Martial Arts community.

Inter-sport Debate: Where is Sport BJJ headed?

The Excitement of throws and relative ease of spectator understanding is what made Judo an International and Oympic recognized sport.

BJJ came along as a descendant of Judo but with a more realistic streetfighting application in real fights VIA the Gracie Family. Their sport BJJ competition point system reflects the superiority of positioning based on the Gracie Family self-defense strategies. The Gracies...



by Greg Melita

Competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the fastest ways to

increase your technique in the art.

Constantly testing your skills in a live environment against opponents

of different size and skill only increases your technique threshold.

Unfortunately, most first-time Jiu Jitsu practitioners

have the wrong mindset or outlook on BJJ competition.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art of empiricism.

Meaning, it is trained in realistic feedback scenarios with a resisting, live opponent.

This sort of training lends itself well to separating what works and what doesn't.

Having the right mindset when competing for the first time is so important and can directly influence your motivation to compete in...

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Fitness & Long Term Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is one of the few activities you can do that covers so many bases at once.

You will learn how to realistically defend yourself against the avaerage person.

It is a rapidly growing international sport.

It teaches you how to move your body efficiently (which translates to any physical endeavor) .

It builds your glycolytic and oxidative pathways simultaneously, which in turn increases your fitness level.

It gets you thinking about your health and how you treat your body.

It builds self confidence because you're constantly testing yourself in live situations.



Full Circle... How Jiu-Jitsu Is Unique As A Martial Art

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has certain characteristics and abilities to offer its practitioners that other styles do not.

To put it simply,

BJJ enables you to control and determine the damage that is done to someone depending on the severity of the situation. Whether you are training at your Academy or find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself, the level of damage you decide to inflict on an attacker is completely up to you.

One might argue that you can control the damage done with any style you practice, and that might be true to some extent. But with BJJ there is a much broader scale and wider range of options.

Consider the following scenarios:



Make Jiu Jitsu Your Own

Jiu Jitsu practitioners are always looking to find and study the next "new" technique that high-level competitors are doing. They go on YouTube and try to imitate other people's game. Meanwhile, the innovative "new" move was "invented" because that person through trial, error, and experimentation, developed it over time.

Jiu Jitsu is absolutely unique to EVERY person. The techniques adapt to your body style and athleticism without you changing anything.

That is the beauty of Jiu Jitsu. It is constantly evolving and just when you think it is complete and you "learned" everything, there is an innovation that changes the competition scene. And yet even though Jiu Jitsu is always changing, the core basics never do.



Fail As Fast As You Can

The quicker you mess up, the quicker you will succeed.

The learning curve in Jiu Jitsu,

and ANY other endeavor for that matter,

is quicker if you make your mistakes sooner.

This doesn't mean you have to make every mistake there is, especially common sense ones. It means the mistakes you DO make, seek out the best way to correct it.

And in Jiu Jitsu, the best way to correct mistakes is to tap, and then work both the attack AND defense of the technique.

When you get caught, explore the technique it in its entirety.

While rolling, a lot of beginners do everything in their power to defend with power and strength. They don't grasp the fact that having someone apply techniques...